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Why Studio Photoshoot Is Better Than Location and Selfie Images?

Selfies are fun but hardly make you look the best. Technology has revolutionized the photography platform giving people an opportunity to take images on their Smartphone and share them daily on Instagram or Facebook. It is the most popular photography genre, so why would anyone wish to have their photographs captured in a professional photography studio.

Actually, selfie’s useful lifetime is short because each one gets replaced by another but portraits captured glamorously in photography studio Austin will last for an epoch. Still in doubts, let’s get familiar with the long list of benefits a professional photoshoot in a photography studio has. Certainly, photographers even prefer location shooting because it offers the feel of environment but studio shooting gives many advantages.

  • Location shoot has its inadequacies, but in a studio the exact effect of what you desire to capture can be created.
  • Lighting is crucial in photography. To attain green screen effect outdoors is impossible but indoors you can do it. Studio offers a blank canvas and photographers can create great pictures through variations in lighting.

  • Studios are equipped with backup power like generator.
  • Production house always wants to shoot in low-budget manner. Therefore, renting studio is cheaper than leasing a genuine location.
  • In a studio recording is clear and superb. No concerns about undesirable sound disturbances that occur in real location shoots.
  • People and paparazzi are always upsetting location shoots but not in photography studio.
  • No need to travel to difficult locations but renting studio at convenient places saves valuable time.
  • Undoubtedly, studio is a more technologically efficient option.
  • Outdoor shooting makes it hard to bring colors, which are crucial but indoor shooting can bring the desired combinations.
  • Flexibility of camera is more indoor because outside sun rays can hinder a lot. Exact light setting can be created to suit the theme.
  • Studio is unbeatable in terms of offering classic professional portrait. Background, textures, and colors can be adjusted as per your preference.
  • Subjects are comfortable indoors because the ambiance is tranquil and created for capturing right photos.
  • Offers diversity like varying diversity, single set up can generate variety of desired scenarios and moods.
  • Post production activities can be conducted on spot, which helps to generate pictures early.

  • Lights, textures and angles are all under control within a studio, which are impossible on location.
  • No leakage of pictures or footage from studio, it is reliable.
  • You can shoot indoor anytime, regardless of weather conditions or other difficulties.
  • Fresh talents can get a private space, comfortable atmosphere and all the resources in a studio. For them it is an affordable way to exhibit their talent.

Selfie is a different thing but if you wish a portrait than studio photoshoot is best option in comparison to location!

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