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Now Create a Brighter, Healthier, Shinier & Glowing Image of Yourself with the Help of Digital Makeup

 “I didn’t choose photography, photography chose me”. In simple words you don’t choose photography, it will choose you, yes it is true! These days the trend has become so that we all have become a selfie fads. Everyone, in every second clicks her or his picture on the phone and posts it as status or on Facebook. So, its obvious photography chooses you. But this really will truly happen only when you switch to certain kind of photography service which will better your image. Every picture that has been taken needs a touch up and certain kinds of glamorous changes. And it’s obvious it is not possible for a common layman to do it. Professional experts are needed who are expert in clipping path and photo re-touching. Only those can experts can help in remaking your picture and also removing objects from your picture. So, whenever you take an image of yourself, you can switch to these services and create a better image of yourself with the help of clipping path services.

Digital Make Over –

In photo retouching services, headshot retouching is also done. In this type of headshot retouching is very known and popular in the industry of fashion and make up. There are lot many actors and actresses, models, and big shots that need a head shot retouching service. Headshot retouching services is different from other types of services retouching services. You have to beautify the face which looks natural and also the picture has to look flawless. Digital make up is needed which make the picture will look natural for example- glowing skin, whiter teeth, brighter eyes etc. In headshot retouching small and minute facts can be easily taken care of like the sweat, oily skin and a background which is very distracting perhaps. The various types of headshots are as follows –

  • Theatrical headshot
  • Commercial headshot
  • Model and actor headshot

Object Removal Made Easy in Any Image –

Another kind of service which is available and the best for you, especially in removing the objections and the background and recreating the image in a natural way which will make the image look beautiful is clipping path service. In this method, pen tool is used by the professional experts. And using the pen tool the object is removed from the image. It is a very useful tool which helps in removing unwanted and distracted stuffs from the image. In e-commerce it is mostly used where, both the –

  • back ground and
  • subject

is removed or either separated. But now this technology can be applied apart from e-commerce in the common layman also.

Background Removals –

The various kinds of background removals are as follows –

  • Clipping path, original shadow, reflection shadow,
  • Drop shadow, imaging masking services,
  • Change color, ghost mannequin, color correction etc.

Photo Retouching Services –

And photo retouching services includes the following kinds of retouching –

  • Headshot retouching
  • Model retouching
  • High end retouching
  • New born retouching

Prices of Services –

The prices of the above mentioned services may vary and it mostly depends upon the image. If image is normal one then price may be low. If it’s a complex image then the price may be high. Plus, there are offers for bulk orders.

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