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10 Ideas to Shoot Better Pictures together with your Camera

Using the boom from the photography more pictures then ever are now being shot

everyday. Digital Photography enables to improve considerably the image

production by lowering costs. But will the quality increase on a single ratio ?

Most likely not.

WIth couple of simple tips you’ll be able to take more advantage of your equipment

while increasing the need for your personal pictures.

1) Catch up with towards the Subject: 90% from the pictures take too much from the subject.

Just step towards your subject and be sure it fills completely your visor. It’s

never too close.

2) Make use of a tripod: have a light top quality tripod along with you and employ it! You’ll be able

to capture additional information of the subject while increasing the sharpness, specifically when

taking scenics, arquitecture and landscapes.

3) Make use of the “Raw” mode of the camera: Digital pictures enables only 8 bit per

funnel, what this means is the data per funnel is fixed and you’ll loose

information when processing the picture later inside your digital lab. RAW modes

offer the full-range of the digital equipment and offers highly versatility to re-

process your pictures later on.

4) Use low ISO values: your camera has the capacity to be setup to high ISO Values (ISO

500-1500), nevertheless the noise from the sensor increases dramatically, requiring also

a rigorous publish-processing, i.e. using noise reduction filters. Use greater ISO

values only if its inevitable

5) Make it simple: in photography less is much more. Focus on the message you

need to capture and then try to eliminate anything else. Keep the backgrounds

easy and your primary subject understandable without other things that may

disturbe your obvious message.

6) Bring profundity inside your pictures. The earth has 3d, however your

pictures 3. A topic that appears great for your eyes may seem flat inside your

pictures. Have fun with diagonal elements crossing the image, however with simple


7) Either Forefront or Background: an average beginner error is to try and capture forefront and

background on a single picture. This is actually the typical “tourist” picture before some

touristic attraction. Decide if you’d like to capture the forefront- or even the background

and focus on one subject. Only by utilizing extreme wide-position lens along with a good

composition you could have both.

8) Uncover hidden details: The planet is infinite complex and possesses countless

details which are waiting to become taken from your lenses. Use tele-photo lenses to

provide the crowd what you alone have found.

9) Don´t put your subject in the centre. Your pictures is going to be boring if everything

is symetric and also the subject is exact in the centre. Use the “golden section” from the

“rule from the thirds”. Keep the composition balanced. Obviously, extreme symmetry

could be wonderful, if applied correctly.

10) Release your creativeness: after you have carefully applied the guidelines 1-9, forget

them and begin using creative photography. Don´t use tripod and move the digital camera

intentionally to get blure pictures, have fun with high ISO values and extreme

perspectives, extreme light situations and weird subjects. You’ll be an excellent

professional photographer.

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